Software security tests

Software security testing - what is IT system penetration testing?

Software security testing is one of the services that can be found in Testspring's offer. Our testers will help you ensure the security of your software. However, before they indicate inaccuracies and errors in this matter, they have to find them first. For this purpose, they often play the role of a potential intruder. What are IT systems security tests?

Security tests - why are they so important?

Testspring security tests or those carried out in other companies are aimed at minimising the risks associated with external attacks. If our software has already fallen victim to such activities, we should turn to the experts in this field immediately.

Software testers will help us find a vulnerability that a hacker has used to try to take over, disrupt functioning or shut down our system.

However, let us not wait for our system to fall victim to a hacker. It is worth taking care of cybersecurity in advance and verifying the software's vulnerability to possible external attacks.

What is penetration testing?

A penetration test involves the tester playing the role of a potential hacker. A hacking attack is simulated. It can take the form of, among others: a social engineering attack, Red Teaming. A specialist's task is to determine how long a person, software, applications, networks are able to defend themselves against an external attack. The specialist's task is to find inaccuracies that may be exploited by a possible hacker.

Testspring testers have the necessary experience and knowledge that will allow them to conduct penetration tests of networks, web applications and other solutions. During the implementation of activities, we can be sure that specialists maintain all safety standards and best practices.

Penetration tests of web applications and other network solutions will allow us to protect users against personal data leakage, account hijacking and sensitive information. All activities are carried out via the Internet, and the tester has the data only available in public.
What is the difference between an IT security audit?

What is an IT security audit and is it enough?

IT security audit is about scanning the code in order to locate possible security gaps. The detected errors and critical points will be included in the final statement provided by the specialist. The experts also provide possible tips how to minimise the risk of an attack or possible losses. However, this method is not as comprehensive and will not provide us with such information the security tests will. At the same time, it is worth emphasising that the entire process includes monitoring and reporting.

The best solution is to combine IT security audits with security tests. If the software stores sensitive information, it is worth taking particular care of the security of the data processing.

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