Trainings for software and HR testers

Trainings for software and HR testers

You know it’s hard to find a valuable teammate. What else can you do instead of hiring overpriced seniors or endlessly looking for an employee that meets all your requirements? Invest in talented people with potential! Testspring can find, train, and introduce new people to your company on your behalf at a low cost. Did you know that by using the right recruitment and training process you can reduce your operational cost by half?
Your team's competences!

Internal training is the quickest response to the company's requirements and needs regarding the team. That is why Testspring has prepared a set of workshops that aim at increasing the competences of your team in the following areas:

  • Requirements engineering
  • Project management
  • Working in agile methodologies
  • Quality Driven Development

These are the most common risk areas that may cause extended project time, increase in costs, and reduction of software quality. Therefore, it is always beneficial to implement trainings hand in hand with testing, to assure the highest possible quality with lowest costs. It is important that each team member knows:

  • how to evaluate the requirements or
  • how to behave when the time is running out, and there is no time to finish everything before the deadline

What will the professional recruitment process help you with?

Who is better to lead the recruitment process than skilled QA experts? Human resource expert focus on finding someone who matches the requirements given by someone else. Testspring focuses on understanding the actual requirements before looking for someone to meet them. The schedules are too tight to risk hiring someone that will not fit the team.

Do not make a mistake of selecting people based on years of experience and Curriculum Vitae! Consider employing the people with the proven potential, the right skills, and those meeting your needs. Testspring can assist you with creating a QA department or filling in the gaps. Remember that we are quality experts!

Create a team from scratch or fill the gaps in the hybrid model!

You cannot afford downtime in the company? You need people for now? You are not interested in outsourcing? We have an ideal offer for you. See how our hybrid model works! Testspring specialists will immediately fill vacancies in your company so that you do not have to wait. Next step is to take care of the recruitment process

  • We will provide you with immediate support from our specialists so that you can continue your work without interruption.
  • Then we organise the recruitment process and select people with potential. Thanks to this, you will avoid waiting for the perfect candidate and overpaying.
  • We provide selected people with appropriate training and implementation in the process we have created.
  • We are gradually switching our specialists with newly employed teammembers until you have a low cost, well skilled team working in a self-sustaining QA process.

Tool support for testing

Is there a quick way to improve quality in your company? Yes! Thanks to the use of appropriate tools, we can provide you with better support for the process and the tests themselves. As the industry specialists we will help you choose the right software that meets the requirements of your company. We will help you use it in an effective way. We will train the people and implement the processes that maximise benefits.



Before we start -
FREE OF CHARGE analysis and pricing

To offer exactly what you require we need to know your company and development process. That is why we start with free of charge analysis and pricing.

  • Analysis of company, software and delivery methodology
  • Assistance from QA experts
  • Offer aimed at your needs

How do we work?



We will start with complimentary audit. We will learn about your business goals and name the risks. Based on that we create recommendations which target the actual issues. This way we offer only the required services.



After the consultation, you will receive audit report with a proposal for services, pricing and a cooperation model. After accepting and signing the contract, we will develop an implementation plan.



We can start testing within 48 hours of ordering. We will constantly adapt the scope of services to your needs.

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